from design to install


With over 30 years of experience as a designer – signmaker, I will help you make the right decision. Present a vision of the sign and or decal on your building or vehicle before we go to print.

Hair Expression and Day SPA

I replaced the old 4×8 sign that interfered with safely leaving the driveway on Bridge Street in Kingston, Nova Scotia.

“GO BIG or Go Home” was Jannett’s motto.

We designed a clean, readable sign and incorporated a reader board. The custom-designed stainless steel brackets are placed to leave a gab to withstand the winds in the Valley.

This design allows the wind to pass easily alongside the signboard.

Custom sign for the new office.

The 4’x8′ double-sided sign is placed in a new garden bed, minimal design but clearly readable.

Additional is the “Accreditation” sign, mounted on the side with a custom-made bracket.

The sign and the post are enclosed in  post covers and have a minimalistic ornamental finish

Replacement of old sign-can for the new office location in Middleton.


Removal of old vinyl was not an option. Therefore a new Lexan facia was ordered. 2 levels of staging were needed for installation, and three additional installers!

All the interior signs, made from brushed aluminum are “blindly mounted”

Label printing in the Annapolis Valley


Any size label, short-run, custom design and shape.

Full colour, transparent or metallic labels, you name it, we produce them.



Needless to say, we design and produce those as well.

This is a sample of a low-tack transparent removable sticker.

Decals: from design to installation


From bumper decals to promotional decals.

If you provide the decals we can install them for you.

Vinyl Installation


We will come to your location to install the vinyl. No matter if the vinyl is provided or not, we will take care of you!

Give us a call if you need to outsource your vinyl installation.