About Us

It’s Never about me!

Thinking a head

A bit of history

     Marketing AV, a local to the Annapolis Valley business, is familiar with the valley and its behaviour, understanding the hurdles. We help our customers understand the potentials of website and social marketing. Its like playing Chess.
In addition, we develop your custom logo and assist with branding your company: Making you look good!

We have over 35 Years of experience in graphic design, and design in general, ranging from interior design to web design.
With our diverse backgrounds and years of experience in various fields and countries, we have an unconventional approach to all your barriers.

We live, work, help and serve the Annapolis Valley since 2010.

A Work-A-Holic

One can consider Ingrid to be an unguided missile, with highly original and unconventional views, technical knowledge in various fields. Several years of experience in Europe have developed her views as a designer/photographer and as an artist.

As an industrial designer, she specialized in creating Practicum models for technical secondary education. With the ability to “feel” the required space, for optimal performance, or for the various levels of students, several concepts are taken into production.

She has received training from traditional old-school sign makers. Therefore she is rather fussy when it comes to graphics and sign making. Marketing comes naturally; she comes from a family of business people with a history in technology. Creativity is embedded in her genes. Her character and life philosophy require her to produce a good product, rather than make big money.
She has a socialistic approach to life and business.

Gerrie Creemers, so much more than an office manager!

Years of experience as an office manager in the Netherlands have equipped her with stamina and organizational skills, and running the office seems to be effortless.

Gerrie is trained as an LPN and has developed an empathic quality that is funded in her being: honest, reflective and accurate. This makes her a very reliable team member, providing feedback with a clear view and questioning what is aesthetically strong and balanced.

Lately, she has developed a love for drawing and painting

Study of eye in pencil

We are known for Generating New Ideas & Solving Big Problems

Our Skills

As a Work-A-Holic, I love to develop and explore my boundaries, test my opinions and challenge myself. I am always looking for ways to be creative, find better software, and give advice and service to my clients and friends.

After graduating with Honors for Graphic design and Photography in The Netherlands, I combined these qualities working as an Industrial Designer for two decades.

I mastered the Adobe Suite, expanded my calligraphy skills with old school training in Signage and its visual impact.

Beside Word Press, I recently picked up two new web design platforms. All function on a different level and will work for you if you like to alter the website yourself.

Photography is more than a hobby. It often supports my vision and can carry the message without words.

  • Graphic design and Marketing – 90%
  • Signage & Decals – 77%
  • Website desgin & Management – 85%
  • Print & Promo product development – 68%